Top 10 Facts About Karnataka That Every New Traveller Should Know

Karnataka is one of the southern states of India and its capital Bengaluru is also know was the silicon hub on india.

Here Are Our Suggestions:

  1. Bengaluru is the new name, it was called Bangalore before the name change. Not the actual name but also the nick of the city went from ‘Garden city’ to ‘Silicon valley’.If you would like to know more about this then go here
  2. Due to monsoon the best period the get to Karnataka would be during the months June -September. So you can enjoy the monsoon in the hilly areas of western ghat.
  3. Make sure you try the masala dosa and rava idly for breakast atleast once.
  4. If you’re visiting the western ghats and coastal areas, check out the iconic temples that attracts more than 100 K devotes every year.
  5. Try and get some jasmines from the street vendors as they tend be worn and adorn by every one.
  6. Try out seasonal fruits as they are locally grown and tend to be delicious. If you want more details go click here.
  7. When land in the Bengaluru ariport, there are mutliple options of getting into the city. We would recommend the government regulated taxi’s as they are prepaid and you wont get scammed about the price. But if you have internation cell reception, there are plenty of ride sahre apps such as ola and Uber.
  8. Karnataka tends to be multiligual state depending on what part of the state you are hanging out in.
  9. If you’re into holistic living then you can enroll in Art of Living programs in Bengaluru, as they have their main head quarters.
  10. Lastly but not least, get yourself a silk item as karnataka produces some of the best silk products.

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